'The Flash' halts production over positive COVID-19 test


Filming for season 7 of “The Flash” is temporarily suspended after a team member tested positive for COVID-19 during a regular testing protocol on the set.

According to Deadline, the crew member was asymptomatic but was diagnosed with the virus through the rigorous testing protocols implemented by Warner Bros. TV for all its employees. The infected person is now in isolation and contact tracing has been initiated.

There is no update yet when filming for “The Flash” season 7 will resume. The studio is reportedly weighing its options and thinking of adjusting the production schedule. This way, those who were not in close contact and not affected can continue with the shoot.

This is another challenge for the CW show after a delay in the start of production for the upcoming season. “The Flash” was one of several shows filming in Vancouver affected by the “backlog at a local lab processing COVID tests.”

The cast and crew still have months left to film before season 7 premieres on Feb. 23, 2021. There is still enough wiggle room to make adjustments to the storyline if needed. But when the show returns, fans can expect that the first few episodes will have a lead into the Arrowverse show “Superman & Lois.” The episodes will reveal the whereabouts of McCulloch/Mirror Master who was still at large in the season 6 finale.

Likewise, the first episodes will reveal the fate of those trapped in the Mirrorverse including Iris, Chief Singh, and Kamilla. It will tie up loose ends on Sue’s murder which involves Ralph Dibny a.k.a. The Elongated Man. The show will still bring back the character after actor Hartley Sawyer, who portrayed the character, was fired from the series over racist and misogynistic tweets he wrote in the past.

Showrunner Eric Wallace said the show will treat the character’s absence as “a bit of a rest for a while.” He teased the possibility of Ralph Dibny appearing again as he said he will leave the door open for his return. The Elongated Man’s ability to change appearances opens the possibility of a comeback and a way to give him a proper send-off in “The Flash” season 7.

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