The Crown: Major Hugh Lindsay's widow 'upset' with avalanche episode


The recently released fourth season of “The Crown” has sparked several controversies with its content, and has reportedly disappointed many people whose lives were fictionalised in the series. Sarah Horsley, the widow of Major Hugh Lindsay, is also among those people and is “horrified” that a personal tragedy in her life is being displayed on the screen.

The ninth episode of season 4 of “The Crown,” titled “Avalanche,” depicts the March 1988 avalanche that killed Sarah Horsley‘s husband, Major Hugh Lindsay. Horsley, who was working in the Buckingham Palace press office at the time and was six months pregnant with their daughter, is “upset” with the dramatisation of the tragedy and is “dreading people seeing it.”

Major Hugh Lindsay, an equerry of the British royal family and friend to Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, had accompanied the heir apparent, Princess Diana, and others to a ski trip in Klosters, Switzerland. Major Lindsay, Prince Charles, Patti Palmer-Tomkinson, a Swiss police officer, and a guide hit the slopes when an avalanche struck them.

While Charles escaped alive, Lindsay and Palmer-Tomkinson were buried in the snow, as reported by BBC at the time. The following day, Prince Charles and Princess Diana flew back to London with Major Lindsay’s body.

Horsley, who has been shown mourning at her husband’s funeral in the hit Netflix show, recently told the Sunday Telegraph that she was “horrified” after finding out that the incident was being fictionalised.