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Q. I want to use the feature of the iOS TV app where you only have to put in your name and password in once in order to stream different channel apps, but I can’t find where you go to enter that information. Where is it?


The user name and password information for Apple’s “single sign-in” feature goes in the TV Provider area of the iOS 10 settings.

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A. The settings for “single sign-on” tool that Apple released last year for iOS 10 devices and fourth-generation Apple TV are not within the TV app itself, but have their own entry in the main Settings area. On an iPad, go to the Home screen and tap the Settings icon. On the Settings screen, scroll down past the entry for the TV app until you get to TV Provider.

Tap TV Provider to see the list of companies that support the single sign-on feature. You need to have an account name and password from the cable, satellite or fiber company that supplies your television service, so contact the customer service department or website if you need those credentials.

Not every major television provider is on board with Apple’s service, but DirecTV, Dish and Sling TV are participating, along with several regional companies like Blue Ridge Communications, Cable One and CenturyLink Prism. Spectrum and Verizon FiOS are among the companies that are not on the list.

If you do not see your provider listed, you need to sign in from within the streaming channel app you want to use — if your company supports it. More than 30 individual apps work with single sign-in (including Animal Planet, the Disney Channel and HBO GO) but some apps may only work on the Apple TV; to sign in from an Apple TV instead of an iOS device, open the Settings icon on the main screen, select Accounts and then TV Provider.

Some apps may not work with every provider, either. When they do, however, the name and password you entered in the TV Provider setting should take care of any login requests when you want to watch something with that app.

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