Roman Shapovalov and Sal Rich: On How To Take Your Social Media Game to the


Businesses are now well aware of the importance of social media for becoming successful, irrespective of the industry. Over the last decade and a half, social media has become quite popular as a marketing tool. But with the competition being fierce, it is not easy to stand out in this space. Roman Shapovalov and Sal Rich share their insights on how you can take your social media game to the next level.

Roman Shapovalov and Sal Rich
Roman Shapovalov and Sal Rich
Roman Shapovalov and Sal Rich

Utilize analytics to your advantage

The first tip to make the most of your social media campaigns is to utilize social listening, a powerful analytical tool. According to Roman Shapovalov, social media is built for two-way conversations. This means that you can use the platforms to understand your audiences and tailor your communication to their needs. Roman Shapovalov added, “Pushing marketing messages to online users is the wrong approach for brands to level up their social media game. Through social listening tools, you can find out what people are saying about you and your products.” You can even join in on these conversations, bringing out the interactive nature of the platforms.

Leverage influencer marketing and metrics

The next thing to look out for is your content metrics on the platforms you use. This is the advantage of social media; you can track your content reception to see what works better and what people don’t like. Sal Rich says, “It is important to track these metrics to measure the effectiveness of your communication and focus on your content strategies.”

Finally, Roman Shapovalov recommends influencer marketing to help you form a powerful branding strategy. Influencer marketing is key to leveraging social media as an advertising tool. Through influencer marketing, you get brand ambassadors who speak for your brand and attract their followers to engage with it. “Getting influencers to promote your content, contests, and marketing campaigns will help you reach a wider audience,” explains Sal Rich.

Roman Shapovalov believes that social media is full of untapped potential despite the tough competition. Brands that learn how to leverage social media effectively will easily surpass those that don’t. “Your social media game determines where you stand in this competitive marketplace of modern times,” concludes Sal Rich.