Robby Clark and Isabella Garofanelli Share 3 Tips to Reinvent Your Social Media Presence


Having a presence on social media is now part and parcel of modern life. Although more and more people are beginning to understand the dynamic influence and considerable dividends social media has to offer, very few have the knowledge and skill to build a presence that counts and makes it work for them. Isabella Garofanelli, who is a travelpreneur, brand strategist, and digital marketing coach, and Robby Clark, a real estate whizz kid, have both achieved an astounding degree of success in their respective fields. Both Garofanelli and Robby have brought a diverse range of skill sets to the table to sustain this success. Yet, the common bond that unites them both is their instinctive understanding and deft touch when it comes to building a knockout social media presence that can go the distance and answer any question asked of it.

Robby Clark and Isabella Garofanelli
Robby Clark and Isabella Garofanelli
Robby Clark and Isabella Garofanelli

“I think a common trap many people fall into when trying to reinvent their social media presence is that they forget to keep it real,” says Isabella Garofanelli about her first tip on how to reinvent yourself on social media and shine like a star. She adds, “Authenticity and integrity are a winning formula when it comes to social media. People respect those who keep it real and will keep returning for more of the same.”

It’s a sentiment with which Robby Clark concurs. He added, “I think Isabella has hit the nail on the head. If you forever fake it, you’ll never make it. You’ve got to identify what is unique about you and pinpoint the appeal. It’s all about marketing something different that people won’t find elsewhere. You can’t imitate other people’s success but you can learn from it.”

“I completely agree,” says Isabella. “Watching how the world’s top influencers operate is an awesome learning curve for anyone looking to reinvent themselves on social media. The trick is not to copy them but take inspiration from them and build something new and dynamic.”

Clark and Isabella’s second tip is to visualize and strategize what your end game is. Robby elaborates, “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. Reinventing yourself on social media and building a substantial presence is like building a legacy. It won’t happen overnight and you can’t just throw things together and hope they stick. You need a plan. Just ask Isabella, she’ll tell you the same thing.”

“Robby is bang on the money,” says Isabella. “There are a lot of tactics involved in social media. You have to know who your target audience is, what your goals are, and how you can be innovative and appeal to large numbers at the same time. You don’t want to be too rigid and should allow for some flexibility, but your social media presence should have an overriding vibe and theme that your audience can relate to and feel safe with.”

Third, both Robby and Isabella strongly recommend that building a diverse and dynamic network is integral to the art of reinventing your social media presence. Clark explains, “In life, like it or not, you are often judged by the people you associate with and social media is no different. You need to be both proactive and savvy when it comes to building your network.”

Isabella adds, “I’d like to reinforce Robby’s point. Other users who have a strong social media presence can work wonders when it comes to extolling the virtues of your brand. A recommendation from people who are already streets ahead in their field is simply priceless. Remember, you’re not reinventing the wheel but you are reinventing your social media presence and it’s a long and eventual journey, but you’re in for one hell of a ride.”