Court docs reveal shocking amount Britney Spears' dad earns from her money


Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, may be living in a humble home but his earnings as co-conservator of her estate are said to be at $16,000 monthly.

Mathew Rosengart, who represents the singer in court amid her conservatorship battle, said that Jamie has been living off his daughter’s money for the past 12 years. In court documents filed on Monday, he alleged that he has been paying himself the staggering amount since 2009.

“Mr. Spears has profited handsomely from his daughter’s conservatorship. By way of illustration only, since at least 2009, Mr. Spears has been paying himself $16,000 per month from Ms. Spears’s Estate, $2,000 more than he has allotted to Ms. Spears,” the lawyer wrote in court documents reviewed by Insider.

Not only that, Rosengart revealed that Britney’s dad “also pays himself an additional $2,000 per month for office expenses— again, from Ms. Spears’s Estate.” He reportedly started to profit from the singer after he was removed as a “temporary” conservator of her estate.