Well: 4 Days, 11 Pounds

PhotoCredit Illustration by Ben Wiseman This article appeared in the May 25, 2014 issue of The New York Times Magazine. Losing weight is simple: Ingest...


Alopecia patient calls for bald emoji to help represent hair loss

A woman with alopecia has launched a petition calling for emoji of bald men and women to help represent people with hair loss. Jade Jarvis,...

Increase in cases of men suffering from eating disorders

Simon, one of an increasing number of men suffering from anorexia, explains why he is frightened of eating.The number of men receiving outpatient...

The New Health Care: Why It’s Not Time to Panic About Cellphones and Cancer

There were no differences in brain tumors in the GSM-exposed rats. There were no differences...

Opioid Dealers Embrace the Dark Web to Send Deadly Drugs by Mail

In late February, a man in South Carolina was accused of receiving more than three...
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