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Taking a Selfie in Berlin, With a 3-Ton Camera

For all its old-fashioned futurism worthy of a Fritz Lang film, the Imago camera is...

Alopecia patient calls for bald emoji to help represent hair loss

A woman with alopecia has launched a petition calling for emoji of bald men and women to help represent people with hair loss. Jade Jarvis,...

London Gallery LD50’s Alt-Right Show Should Be Its Last, Critics Say

Public controversy did not boil over, however, until this month, when the London artist Sophie...

Westworld: ‘Westworld’ Season 1 Finale: Wake From Your Sleep

The satisfying comeuppance of William/the Man in Black is merely the first fallen rock in...

‘Journey to the Past’ Carries ‘Anastasia’ to the Present

A hit song from a 1997 animated film paves the way for a splashy Broadway production. Source link

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